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tv   News  ABC  February 20, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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with lynette charles. >> good morning. it's president's day so happy president's day to you. we are going to a get lots of sunshine in here for today. so i am saying tons of sun. temperatures near 50 and then we have warmer weather on the way. and then showers move back into the forecast. but when i say showers, i he don't necessarily mean the snow showers because -- i don't necessarily mean snow showers because the temperatures are too warm for snow. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry, but we are seeing wet weather down to the south here. it's starting to move offshore. so that's good news and we will get a break. maybe 1 to 2 inches across the area and mainly on the grassy surfaces. but for right now, temperature wise, yes, we are chilly because we have the wind out of the north so we feel like 23 degrees. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lynette and everyone. nice quiet ride out there for the monday morning commute. of course it's a holiday. and you should expect light conditions and that's what you will find as we get a live look at some of the traffic flow on the major roads right now.
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here's 95. this is north the beltway. as you can see we are very light in volume for this time of morning. no delays or disoints report. if you are -- incidents to report. i-97 at maryland 100, 97 traffic moving well as you make the drive northbound from u.s. 50 all the way up to the beltway or the 895 split. megan and charley back to you. the trial of a former university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend continues wednesday. jury will get the case at that time and the defense and prosecution rested saturday in the high-profile first-degree murder trial of george huguely. and sherrie johnson is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: george huguely remained silent and not take the stand. the jury that will decide his fate must dissect the death of huguely's former girlfriend yeardley love. the task is to determine if he intended to kill love in may of 2010 when he admits they had a heated and physical encounter
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in her bedroom. trial watchers have been rivet -- ribeted to the casech medical experts offer two different opinions on how love died. prosecutors say he kick in the door and bang her head against the wall causing a brain injurywhich led to her death many defense attorney says love was drunk and suffocated in her pillow. >> the jury will have to think about everything they heard. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: again, no testimony today because of the holiday and again that trial reiewms son wednesday. sherrie johnson abc2 news. whitney hiewftson in her final resting -- houston is is now in her final resting place. we hoping to hear something from the funeral but the music lenged was buried sunday during a private ceremony. the plot is next to her father's. houston was remembered in a star studded funeral service at her hometown church in newark on saturday. >> so off you go whitney, off
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you go. escorted by an army of angels to a your heavenly father -- to your heavenly father. when you sing before him don't you worry, you'll be good enough. >> she was found dead february 11th in beverly hills in hotel room. the cause of death is unknown. 5:33. news around the nation one person is dead following a shooting at a mardi gras parade in louisiana. a man was killed after an argue men in the street. all of this happened in the city about 80 miles west of new orleans. police are searching for a suspect. two people were rescued from a burning home in massachusetts thanks to a good samaritan and it was caught on
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camera. right on the right you will see a little smoke and the flames. on the left side, a man sprinting through the parking lot with almost no hesitation e runs right inside the burning home. that man owns the convenience store across the street. two men were inside and with his help they made it out safely. >> we are very grateful for what he did to risk his life. >> fire official believe that fire started on the front porch and the cause is under investigation. well, amber alert for a cleveland mother and 1 -year-old daughter has ended in tragedy. both mother and baby have been found dead along with the suspected killer. police say latasha jackson was pushing her baby in a stroller when she was kidnapped by an estranged boyfriend. her 14-year-old brother was with her when the whole thing happened. >> i was scared for my niece and my sister sheep was scared and she didn't know -- sister she was scared and she didn't
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know. >> jackson and lord date ford a couple months. latasha's brother says he broke up with him and he began to stock her. storage box with six tons of steel is dang oaferlg a busy -- over a busy street in san francisco financial district a crane was lifting it to the top of the former bank of america building when the crane malfunctioned. when it failed the storage box was left near the 50th floor about 600 feet above the streets. a helicopter and small plane collided mid-air in northern california sunday night. this happened while the two were trying to land. both pilots suffered minor injuries. they were checked out at a hospital and it's not clear if there were passengers on board the two aircraft. the faa and the nationaltransportation board are investigating. here's news from the weekend. espn fired the employee responsible for writing an offensive headline about jer may lin. a anchor who used the slur has been suspected according to the
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sportsnet work. espn headlines was up for 35 minutes before removed. lin moved on from the incident. >> espn apologized and you know, there's no -- i don't think it was you know on purpose or whatever, but you know at the same time they apologized and from my end i don't care anymore. it's to learn to a forgive and i don't think that was intentional or hopefully not. >> all right. sunday night lin guide the knicks to another improbable win. he quickly turned into a global sensation now known as lin sanity. >> he is such a nice guy. >> he does. tomorrow is fat tuesday. >> things are in full swing going down to the big easy in new orleans. that's bourbon street and the thing is an hour and half ago that was full. the main location for the mardi gras fat tuesday is the
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culmination of the carnival situation where you eat fatty foods leading up to lint. >> cyndi lopper and bret michaels are the monarchs of the mardi gras parade. stay with us this morning a. florida woman is breathing a sigh of relief. >> this after a family heirloom holding history was returned to her. this morning, what a new study finds when it comes to women and having children out of wedlock. it's dry this morning but it's cloudy. i will tell you how will the sun will last and when you will need the umbrella coming up. >> reporter: dry conditions on the roadways, what to expect for the moth morning commute. we will have a check of the roadways coming up next. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. now "good morning maryland." a precious heirloom is returned. >> a florida woman found a missing ring that used to belong to a family member who was a holocaust survivor. she says her husband found the band in the del ray beach shopping center parking lot. she was watching the news and saw the story about the missing wedding band that belonged to a
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holocaust survivor. >> she called the news station and they called the woman who lost the ring. her mother-in-law's wedding band had been found and she couldn't wait to tell her father-in-law. >> i didn't blame my wife but not. >> it hurt. >> it hurt. >> i am so grateful to you. thank you. you are so kind. >> my pleasure. >> when you get to the pearly gates they will let you in. >> that's a great storych the woman who a found the ring got a reward but she said she would donate it. you are very careful every time you put your personal information online. >> you hope so because sitesecurity says cyber crimes continue to happen. is google passing out your information. how you can stop unwanted sharing each if you didn't know it happened.
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now "good morning maryland." it's 5:44. thanks for joining. maryland needs money to make pavements to victims of crime according to a state audit. the state audit shows more than about 2 1/2 million dollars in backlog payments as of july 20 len. audit found problems with the distribution of payments including required but missing
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documentation. the full sentate will take up the bill on same sex marriage in annapolis after it passed through the house of delegates friday. that's where the marriage equality bill failed last year and the senate passed a similar bill of the same kind as well last year. governor o'malley says he will sign it if it reaches hisdesk. state lawmakers wonder where is the money. we are waiting for a huge payout from legalized slot machines. some lawmakers believe the state must expand gambling further and say table games and washington area casinos are needed to compete with neighbors states that generate a lot more money and they need that for education and other needs in the state. much of the competition comes from venues in delaware, west virginia and pennsylvania. now to the latest on a deadly avalanche in washington state. three skiers died near a popular ski resort when they got caught in avalanche. linda so is here with the latest. what have you learned. >> reporter: we have learned up to 12 skiers were swallowed in the avalanche and they were
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experienced in wearing the right equipment. we are told one wore an avalanche rescue system which works like a air bag and helped her survive. some of the skiers fell as far as 2,000 feet down the mount mint deadly rush. the skiers were 3 miles from the stevens pass ski resort and they were in the designated out of bounds area but it was not closed and they were allowed to be there. the region had been hit with heavy snow over the weekend and there was a very high avalanche danger on sunday. the county sheriff's office describes what happened when the skiers got caught in that fall. >> they managed to dig themselves out of the snow and at that point they find three of the skiers are suffering from medical issues. and they begin cpr and then they were not able to resuscitate the victims. >> reporter: now in a separate incident as snow -- a snow border was found dead in the mountain range on sunday. linda so, abc2 news. it's 5:46. linda thanks. monuments history and cyber
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crime. washington, d.c. has a distinction they probably don't want. people living in the u.s. are at the highest risk of becoming victims of cyber crime in washington, d.c. seattle, san francisco atlanta and boston round out the top five riskiest places. baltimore was 18th on the list. tim cook, ael a ceo says the company takes work conditions seriously and feels every worker should have competitive wages and a secure environment. they must do this when -- suppliers much do this when associating with the company. factories of the largest electronics contractor as well as x box and dell and hewlett packard computers. cat lovers there's more for the litter box than meets the eye. millions of parasites have been crawling through the cat's waste. researchers believe the pests can cause disease in marine
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life and humans a cat can shed up to a million egg like structures in the fees sis. it gives the oh -- fees sis. feces. it gets in the ocean. gooseel has been passing along information to advertisers that -- google has been passing along information to tieders that ipad and iphone users thought was private. google could track the activity of millions of users without the users knowing it. so if you want to protect your privacy, go on your browser and click on the disable cookies and then delete any cookies exist and under location setting disable gps tracking so advertisers won't know where you are. time for health news. women under the age of 30 are having kids outside marriage according to the "new york times." more than half of the babies that american women under the age of 30 are having are out of
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wedlock. child trends the research group that did the study says caucasian women in 20s with some college but not a four- year degree are among the fastest growing group of having children when single. some women are loss when they become pregnant according to statistics from the u.s. eql employment opportunity commission of the preg napsy discrimination claims have been on the rise since 1997. back then nearly 4,000 claims were filed. last year, nearly 6,000 pregnant women said they were discriminated against. and we want to know what you think about this. pregnant women treated unfairly by their employers? let us know your thoughts. head to the facebook page and weigh in. today marks the major milestone in our country's history. >> 50 years ago today was john glennn's historic space flight etch became the first american to orbit the earth in 1962 aboard the mercury 7 and he circles the earth three times. traveling at speeds
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reaching 17,000 miles per hour glenn's flight was a turning point that put america on the winning path that led to that trip to the moon. all right. that's on my to do list. you want to see a tornado, see the moon. let's deal with the wind chill because we are very cold out there. this is the way it feels with the winds out of the north at about 10 to 15 miles an hour and gusts up to 25 miles per hour. 25 degrees is how it feels into frederick. feels like 23 in york, pennsylvania. we should be at 27 degrees now for this time of year. so, we feel a little chillier than the actual temperatures should be. satellite and radar not doing a lot. but we have clots of -- lots of clouds in place. you can see the clearing line in west virginia where it is poised to move in our direction going through the remainder of the morning and by the afternoon. we are starting to see some of the storm out into the atlanticch the snow is getting out of here. so they are getting a break in
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southern maryland. and you will see 1 to 2 inches and that would be on the grassy surfaces. weather pattern. there's the high pressure moving in here around that area of high pressure you get the clockwise flow. we will get the northerly breeze for today. we do have high pressure off to the west. and that area of low pressure that worked in and brought the storm out into the east so the difference between the two making it a little breezy for today. future trend not picking up on a whole lot. we will be seeing the sunshine in here today, tomorrow to start and then a few clouds try to a move in. so i will call it sun, clouds to see but the wet weather hold off. the neighborhood forecast for today, 47 degrees in wood lawn. -- woodlawn. and more of the same as we slide down into green haven, 49, 50 in arnold and by tonight that temperature will be right around 28 degrees and mostly clear and cold and here's forecast for tomorrow. 52 so you can see the warming trend and you should see what's in the 7-day forecast coming up. now over to angela with your traffic.
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good morning a. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. get ragedy for monday morning -- ready for monday morning, nod a -- not a bad time on roadways. very light volume over there. not your typical congestion for this time of day. as we look at the beltway, traveling on west side, not a problem. this is 695 and baltimore national pike. as you can see between liberty road and baltimore national pike, we are moving friendly on the west side. the beltway's north side no complications for you on the north side as we look at 695 and park heights avenue. also clear on i-795 for those of you making the drive through owings mills heading to the top side of the beltway. over to you charley and megan. it's been the president's day weekend, but maryland shoppers have had the weekend of their own. >> what you need to know about the sales tax holiday for appliances and how long you have to take advantage. and after a brief hiatus for unexplained reasons, the tv show is coming back. we will give you details when "good morning maryland"
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continues. we will look live this morning of new orleans. there we go. things looking a little quiet on bourbon street. but a lot of people are out there. you said you have been one of those people before at five in the morning. >> i don't think i am the only one currently occupying the desk that has been on bourbon street like that. >> we will be right back. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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fivements away from six. five continuation things to know. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is awaiting results after a question for the dock iewssments prosecution. it asked for identities and location of victims and witness. sandusky faces 52 criminal counts. and today is the phenyl day of the sales tax free holiday for buy energy star appliance in maryland. some stores like best buy have thrown in other advantages like sales and interest free payment plans and gift card. sales tox holiday expires today. after an unexplained absence the colbert report will continue production today. they reaired programs because
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of unforeseen particularss -- circumstancer. the weather was less than cooperative for the o's. they are flooring a clear starting rotation of pitchers since dealing gutherie to cholera doa. britton and johnson have injuries. and the week of mardi gras continues in new orleans. expect to see a number of parades and parties throughout the crestant city leading up to the mardi gras finale. the holiday is the celebration leading up to the observation of lent. there's a letter floating around the area with a promises of mortgage refund. >> this morning for you why you want to read the fine print before responding to the letter. and a man in florida is caught breaking into a supermarket. what is he accused of doing? we will tell you. heart health month and we have tips that you need to know to keep cholesterol levels at a healthy level. 6:00 hour of good morning maryland is back in a few moments. stay with us.
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